Stephanie Sullivan

Errata for Mastering CSS with Dreamweaver CS4

Sadly, we're not perfect. Creepy crawlers slip through, technology changes or we think of a different way to do things. We've created this page to keep you up to date with our thoughts and changes. If you've found something awry, please use the contact form to send us the information and we'll share it with other readers here. Be gentle, we're human.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

  1. Page 44, end of first full paragraph

    "...--the broken box may model make logical sense..." should read, "...--the broken box model may make logical sense..."

  2. Page 46, first paragraph

    The Word gremlins strike again!

    "<!--[if lte IE6]>" should read "<!--[if lte IE 6]>" (note the spacing)

    Also, the IECC note toward the bottom of the page is mangled and missing a dash. "<!-[ if IE 5]>" should read, "<!--[if IE 5]>".

Chapter 3

  1. Source File

    As you know, chapter three in this book is actually chapter two in the Dreamweaver CS3 version. Though we changed the name of the zip file for the source file accordingly, when unzipped, it's still called the chapter two source file. Anyone downloading it now will get the correctly named file, but if you downloaded before February 27, sorry. Please don't be confused.

  2. Page 92, end of the third paragraph:

    Ooops! The comment for the CSS had its syntax reversed. */ should become /* and the final /* should become */. (So much for long nights!)

  3. Page 95, step 6, second paragraph:

    "In fact, it's negatively margined off the left edge..." should read, "In fact, it's negatively positioned off the left edge..."

    A negative margin would use margin-left: -65px; In this case, we've absolutely positioned the element and then gave it a left: -65px; placement. So it's not margined at all.

  4. Page 124, step 3:

    "Set the value to .05em...." should read, "Set the value to .5em...."

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

  1. Page 227, Step 5:

    The step reads: "With the image selected, use the class drop-down list on the image Property inspector to set the class to fltrt. That's it'..."

    It should read: "With the image selected, use the class drop-down list on the image Property inspector to set the class to fltrt. With the image still selected, move to code view. Placed your cursor after the now applied .fltrt class on the img element and add a space. Continue typing the new class name - mainImg. Yes, it's perfectly legal to apply more than one class to an element as long as you separate them by spaces. That's it!..."

  2. Page 260, Step 2:

    The step reads: "Set the font-face to 'Lucida Grande'..." It should read: "Set the font-family to 'Lucida Grande'..."

Chapter 6

If you plan to view the builds in a browser, instead of simply comparing their code to your own in DW, be sure to change the path to the files in the Spry directory in the head of the document.

For example: <link href="../SpryAssets/SpryMenuBarVertical.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" /> instead of <link href="SpryAssets/SpryMenuBarVertical.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />.