Selected projects:


    • NY Magazine
    • Adobe
    • SalesForce
    • Freelancers Union
    • MacWorld Magazine
    • POPStick
    • California State University Fresno
    • Pasadena City College
    • Sandia Labs
    • Return Corp/Kumquat
    • Kosmix
    • WebAssist
    • CartWeaver
    • Tronox
    • VPI Marketing
    • Workable Solutions Inc.
    • KGS Bikes
    • Atlanta Dekalb International Training Center
    • Atlanta Dekalb International Prep Classic


    • SXSWi
    • An Event Apart
    • Web Directions East
    • @Media
    • Web Directions South
    • Adobe MAX
    • Microsoft MIX
    • HOW Design Conference
    • Unplugged
    • StarTechConf-Chile
    • Wharton Web Conference
    • Macromedia MAX
    • NAB (Nat'l Assoc. of Broadcasters)
    • AIGA
    • Web Design World
    • Web Master Jam Session
    • TODCon
    • Adobe Live (Cologne/Amsterdam)
    • Multi-Mania (Belgium)
    • Voices That Matter
    • <head> Conference
    • InterLab
    • Higher Education Web Symposium
    • Web Builder
    • Web Down Under
    • Campus Web Summit
    • In Control Conference - AIGA
    • Spring <br />
    • CSS Summit

Clients & Audiences love W3Conversions

When we were looking for a CSS guru to provide 11th hour help on a massive site relaunch, Stephanie Sullivan came through with flying colors. She patiently worked with our team to overcome some formidable technical hurdles and helped us to meet our schedule. We definitely would recommend her services to anyone looking for a top-flight web designer.

Joseph Galarneau, New York Magazine

I have known Stef for 9 years. I have found that there are precious few "go to" people in an industry and website design and development are no different. After a few projects together, I have a good idea of who is going to be with me at the finish line and who won't. I always count on Stef and she always exceeds my expectations.

One of the hardest things an entrepreneur does is determine hand-offs for any given process. The trust I have in Stef is as follows: I know that despite my significant overall knowledge of the internet, its concepts and potentials, that I don't have the current skill set to know what works and what doesn't at the application, browser, SEO, accessibility and usability level. It takes a great deal of trust to be able to hand off a big chunk of tasks that are almost impossible to manage. With Stef, the stuff just gets done. Not only that, but it is done better than if I did it myself. She knows what works and what doesn't in today's fluid IT environment and has the contacts to go behind the scenes to find the best information and solutions.

One of my pet peeves is the term, "no brainer", as in "It is a no brainer to recommend Stef." Consider the opposite; "After much time working together through good projects and tough projects, there is nobody I will have but Stef at my side to create and improve my internet presence."

Kevin Saunders, KGS Bikes

Stephanie Sullivan just presented a full-day workshop at Pasadena City College's Digital Media Center and four days later we are all still walking around saying WOW! Stephanie is an inspired, knowledgeable, and effective instructor and web designer. Her insight into CSS, to accessibility & usability, to Dreamweaver, and all things related to web make her invaluable. She is like having a "living" wikipedia entry for energy and success in web design. All I can say is a BIG THANKS. Stephanie, you have literally transformed people's lives here!

Laurie Burruss, Pasadena City College, Digital Media Center

Stephanie Sullivan has become a Grandmaster of CSS design, proficient in both theory and practice. Her advice and expertise have been invaluable for us.

Joseph Lowery, Director of Marketing for WebAssist, Author of Dreamweaver Bible series

To put it as briefly as I can, Stephanie develops elegant, intelligent, and exceedingly functional code. I found her consultation, creativity, and throughput beyond reproach. And, I am eagerly looking forward to getting the chance to work with her again. Suffice it to say that if you are in need of CSS development, she isn't simply the best choice, she's the only choice.

Rick Turoczy, Creative Director, Return Corp.

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the training you offered. You're not only obviously an expert, but you're also able to explain concepts in an easy to understand manner. You have no idea how unique that is! In the two years I've been here they've brought in a number of presenters to teach us about various topics and yours was the first training session I've both learned from and enjoyed. There's already talk about the possibility of bringing you back in the future.

Attendee, Fortune 50 Company

From our first exchange, Stephanie has been a pleasure to work with. Whether behind the scenes or in front of an audience, her congenial communication style is extremely inviting. Coupled with her technical knowledge and connection with the industry, she proves to be a great asset to any conference production.

Joel Bell, Event Production Manager, Future Media Concepts

Through the past few years, Stephanie has consistently proven to be dependable in helping Cannonbose produce complex templates for content management systems. Her professionalism is top notch.

Michael Cannon, President of Cannonbose, LLC

Stephanie rocked as a compliant CSS/XHTML producer for e.b.Studios designs, especially working with me to help create a search engine template in 2005 with pure xhtml/css—before many other search pages tried this. I really think she's one of the top web developers in the U.S. today—in addition to being fun to work with.

Erika Bauer, Design Director, e.b.Studios Creative

I attended your session at MAX 2005�.I really learned a lot in your class. I've completely redesigned and recoded my personal site. I rebuilt a part of the "Amazing Race" website. My boss was blown away by it.

Addam M. Driver, CBS Television Network, Attendee at Adobe MAX

Your MAX session was the conference's most inspiring and eye-opening not only in terms of the cool CSS stuff, but also what is possible for those who wish to work as independent professionals.

Charles B., Attendee at Adobe MAX

This [Three Columns DevNet article] is probably the most succinct, easy to understand explanation of floats that I've seen. Stephanie Sullivan explains in simple English the rules that your CSS and HTML must follow in order for your floats to work they way you want them to. Chances are if your floats have gone awry, you've missed one of these fundamental steps.

Win Day, Wild Rose Websites

Stephanie Sullivan is a brilliant teacher, writer, programmer, and coder. It's rare to excel in one of the these skills, and rarer still to be exceptionally gifted in all four. To be able to make the complicated seem simple in an accessible, easy to learn way, and to cover a lot of ground without leaving readers confused, is the rarest of all, and her tutorials accomplish this for all levels.

Marilyn Matty, M Matty & Company

I've worked with Stephanie Sullivan on many projects while working with a variety of imprints of Pearson Education. Her work has always impressed me, whether it was presenting a difficult concept at a conference, helping determine if another author's materials were accurate, or writing material for inclusion in a book. Stephanie was always able to communicate in clear language what the concept meant, how it should be applied, and what benefit it would provide. Moreover, deadlines mean something to Stephanie. She never missed one during our work together. I'd be delighted to have more opportunities to work with Stephanie.

Linda Harrison, Owner, Harrison Ridge Editorial Services

Stephanie Sullivan gave an entertaining and enlightening presentation on the new CSS layout templates she created for DW CS3 and gave us a good CSS primer in the process. I�m now fiddling around with an elastic CSS layout on a site I�m working on thanks to you, Stephanie! If you ever have a chance to see Stephanie talk CSS, do whatever you have to make it. She makes it all make sense and is a great presenter.

Tommy Baggett, Attendee, Birmingham, Alabama CS3 Event

Stephanie has been on the Dreamweaver Advisory Board for several years, and has been a valuable resource in our ongoing development of new features and improvements for each release. I myself have called on her as an expert on CSS, in particular. She has given us great feedback on how things should work with Dreamweaver, helped educate us on best practices in web design, and helped us understand how real users develop web sites and pages, with or without Dreamweaver. Additionally, Stephanie's expertise has helped many people in the Dreamweaver Community, through her books, articles (for example on the Adobe Developer Center), and involvement on various Dreamweaver forums.

Vic Mitnick, Senior Computer Scientist, Adobe Systems